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Neal Anderson, PhD

Executive Coach


Littleton, CO


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Neal Anderson's passion is working with teams to develop strategies that make work efficient and productive.


At Leadership Consultancy, Neal works with Operators and Emerging Leaders to address challenges to a healthy workplace environment. He leverages fifteen years of experience helping leaders create intentional team culture and work rhythms. Neal also leads the emotional and spiritual coaching group cohorts, fostering an environment that empowers leaders to improve confidence and respond to feedback.


Neal holds a doctorate in organizational leadership from Regent University; his research included generative leadership, entrepreneurial leadership, transformative leadership, and small group dynamics. He also serves as an affiliate faculty in the School of Business and Leadership at Colorado Christian University and Fresno Pacific University.


Neal's personal values are Initiative, Communication, Humor, and Learning. He lives in Colorado with his family and enjoys coffee and weekend hikes in the Rockies.


Areas of Expertise:

  • Executive Coaching 

  • Men's Spiritual and Emotional Health

  • Speaking


  • Entrepreneurial Leadership

  • Organizational Leadership

Neal's Favorites:



Spicy Chicken Deluxe (w/ pepper jack), Large Fries, and a Coke



Chocolate Cookies and Cream

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