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Tia Thompson

CEO Advisor


Chamblee, GA


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Tia's passion is partnering with others to intentionally further their personal growth and development. She has a practical, relationship-focused approach to life, people, and business, and uses this skill to connect and build credibility with clients to further their personal and professional development and goal achievement.


At Leadership Consultancy, Tia coaches clients on leveraging relationship networks, using their influence, and overcoming present shortcomings to achieve results. She excels in areas of increasing business acumen, applying behavior-based techniques to building teams, and using best practices to improve leadership skills.


Tia holds a bachelor’s degree in math education from Florida State University. Her professional experience started in the classroom with teaching advanced-level high school math. She then pivoted to a career in sales and marketing with several biopharma companies, including Merck, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Amgen. Her experience includes training and developing new hires, managing large pharmaceutical territories, increasing sales metrics, and facilitating presentations. She is the winner of several regional sales awards with multiple companies: Aspire, Pinnacle, Top Trialist, and Teamwork At It's Best.


Tia's personal values are Kindness, Intention, Communication, Connection, Faith, and Adventure. She lives in Chamblee, Georgia with her husband, Robert, and daughters, Virginia and Abby.


  • DiSC trainer

Tia's Favorites:



8-count nugget meal with kale side salad or fries, and a diet lemonade



Lemon Poppyseed

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