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Lisa Hafetz

Executive Coach


Parkland, FL

Lisa's passion is motivating individuals and teams to create and maintain financial health in their organizations through solid execution of financial best practices.


At Leadership Consultancy, Lisa helps franchisees analyze business metrics and remove barriers to profitability. She provides education and consulting services through the lens of the Profit Mastery® curriculum, helping clients assess their financial health and create metrics scorecards that target specific goals.


Lisa holds a bachelor's degree in accounting and finance from Penn State University. She has ten years of experience in small business financial consulting, specializing in analysis of business opportunity, development of systems and processes for establishing and maintaining economic health, and building strategic roadmaps for increasing profitability. She also has extensive and varied experience working in the corporate sector with LMH Advisory Services, Granite Transformations, The Mortgage Corporation of America, and Spherion.


Lisa's personal values are Authenticity, Integrity, Humility, Loyalty, and Gratitude. She lives with her wife and four-legged children in Parkland, Florida.

Lisa's Favorites:



Hard to pick...



Plain Jane Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunk and anything Chocolate Peanut Butter! 

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